Class & Workshop Descriptions

Below is a description of the classes, seminars, workshops, and private tutoring offered.  To register, click on the “Register” button under the description or you can use our “Class Schedule” link above and select desired courses/dates. Check back regularly as we are always adding classes and workshops, especially for end-of-year exams, AP exams and summer offerings.

Workshop: EOC Exam for Algebra I

End-of-Course Exam for Algebra I Workshop.This two-part class will review, and if necessary, teach all tested standards for the Alegbra I end-of-course (EOC) exam. The first day, Tuesday, will focus on non-calculator problems and the second day, Thursday, will focus on calculator-allowed problems. This comprehensive four-hour preparation should enable your child to have an informed understanding of what is expected of him/her on the test as well as of the concepts to be tested. Please bring a charged tabled or iPad if possible.