Class & Workshop Descriptions

Below is a description of the classes, seminars, workshops, and private tutoring offered.  To register, click on the “Register” button under the description or you can use our “Class Schedule” link above and select desired courses/dates. Check back regularly as we are always adding classes and workshops, especially for end-of-year exams, AP exams and summer offerings.

AP Review: AP US History Review (online)

These are 3 hour AP US History Reviews taught by Ms. Parker. Students can sign up for any or all. 5/2/20 9am-12pm: Hour 1 Review Periods 5-6;Hour 2 Evidence/Using Doc (5 of 10 rubric points); Hour 3 Write a Period 5-6 DBQ (Ms. Parker will score DBQ and do individual follow up conference with student). 5/9/20 9am-12pm:Hour 1 Review Period 7;Hour 2 Analysis and Reasoning (3 of 10 rubric points);Hour 3 Last minute questions and answer, test strategy, addressing any content holes. Cost is $65 per session. You will sign up for each session individually. The Zoom link will be sent to the email on file; if preferred, the parent can forward link to student.