Class Schedule

College Prep: Resume and College Essay Workshop (at Center)

Renee Bookout
Academic Center for Testing
July 5 to 8, 2021
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Resume and College Essay Workshop: A workshop for seniors to prepare one complete edited essay for college applications. Students will also receive an overview on the college application process. This workshop will be taught by several teachers, including Renee Bookout and Terry Benson; other teachers may be brought in for editing. The teachers will review and edit the student's resume, brainstorm essay prompt, and review and edit student's essay. Students must bring a laptop computer to participate in this class. Enrolled students will be provided a resume template and must submit a draft resume several days prior to first day of workshop. Session 1 (Full) is June 9-12 (Wednesday-Saturday) from 1-5pm each day. Session 2 (Full) is June 13-16 (Sunday-Wednesday) from 3-7pm each day. Session 3 (Full) is June 27-30 (Sunday-Wednesday) from 1-5pm each day. Session 4 (Full) is July 5-8 (Monday-Thursday) from 9am-1pm each day. Session 5 July 17-20 (Full) (Saturday-Tuesday) from 11am-3pm each day. Session 6 (Full) July 18-July 21 (Sunday-Wednesday) from 4-8pm each day. Session 7 (space available) July 22-25 from 2pm-6pm each day. Cost is $300.