2016 PSAT

February 23, 2017

The following junior students from our program scored in the 99% or top 1% of students in the country on the 2016 PSAT:
Luke Agront GBHS
Jacob Aylstock
Kareem Bataineh PHS(IB)
Chris Bougher PHS(IB)
Brian Branstatter Catholic HS
Sophia Herrmann Catholic HS
George Hester PHS(IB)
Drew Jimenez PHS(IB)
Parker Kotlarz Catholic HS
Jillian Kurtts Catholic HS
Riley Laggan PHS(IB)
Milly Ladner GBHS
Ally Phillips
Luke Stringfellow Catholic HS
Brett Winter PHS(IB)

We commend these students on their achievement! We are so proud of you!