Dear Mrs. Bookout,
I learned so much from you about what colleges are looking for in students. Now I have a better understanding of what I need to do in the future. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.
R.J. White

Hello Mrs.Renee!
I hope that you are doing well! I am not sure if I ever let you know, but I got accepted into the nursing school, and I got the leadership scholarship! You helped me work on both of those essays so thank you so much for that help!
Mallory Proctor

Mrs. Benson,
I recently took the ACT practice test that you offered before the February ACT, and based on my scores, you suggested a few tips that would help me improve from my first score of 32 when I took the ACT last summer. I just wanted to let you know that I got a 34 on the February ACT! Thanks for helping me!
Kellen McKenney

The Academic Center for Testing has helped both of our children tremendously.
My daughter did SAT/ACT prep through the Center and also attended the college essay writing session. Renee’s overview of what high-level universities are looking for was extremely helpful. Their guidance allowed her to gain admittance into the school of her dreams, Notre Dame.
My son did the PSAT preparation course. We just received his PSAT score. He aced it with a perfect score! We are very grateful for all the wisdom we’ve received from the Academic Center for Testing.

Susan J G Laenger, MD FACP

The team here is amazing. They are so patient explaining all the ins and outs of the testing as well as overall college acceptance counseling and scholarship recommendations. I highly recommend that anyone with an upcoming high school freshman through senior meet with Ms. Bookout for a private counseling session. It is best to start early in the high school journey but it isn't too late for upcoming seniors either.

We received my daughter's ACT scores, and she got a 31! Thank you for helping her make her goal a reality. Your team's guidance helped my daughter focus on the materials, timing and tips she needed to achieve the score she wanted. She finally feels like her ACT score reflects her academic abilities. She can now apply with confidence to the schools she is interested in! I’m so glad we worked with you! It has been invaluable.

Good morning, Mrs. Benson,
I wanted to share Ryan’s good news with you. He will be playing lacrosse for the Huntington Hawks in Montgomery. Because of his GPA and his ACT score he will receive half tuition, and we will find out in December if he has been selected for their Presidential Scholarship of full tuition. Thank you for all of your help and encouragement. He loved working with you!
Angie Campion
Ryan Class of 2019

Dear Terry,
Thank you for your help. Oliver went up 5 points in English over his last test after just one private with you. I was really impressed that his 5 point increase directly related to your lesson. You are great at what you do! Keep doing it! YOU are the difference! Thank you!
Katja Norris
Oliver Class of 2020

I would like to thank the Academic Center for Testing for all of the wonderful help over the past three years. With help from Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Bookout, and all of the tutors, I was able to achieve competitive test scores, create a strong resume, and apply to my dream school. I will be attending Washington & Lee next year, and I cannot thank the Academic Center for Testing enough for their help and support over the past three years! Mimi Sherrill, Class of 2019

Both kids are starting medical school this summer. Thanks so much for all of your help throughout the years! They couldn't have done it without you.