My son went to ACT classes one month before he retook the test, his score went from 29 to a 33!!!! We couldn't be happier. This is the biggest favor that you can do for you and your child. It's amazing growth!!!!

Melissa Adams

Thank you for the immeasurable guidance, support, and especially tutoring you have given me these past three years. Because of your attentiveness and ability to teach, my PSAT score went from a 154 to a 209, helping me to become a National Merit Commended Scholar. Your helpful tips and classes greatly prepared me for the ACT and SAT, enabling me to score in the 99th percentile on both exams. Besides assisting me in taking my tests, you played a significant role in my success at Catholic High. Because of your help with my English essays, I was able to graduate as the valedictorian. Now I have the opportunity to continue my education at UCLA, which can partly be attributed to your thorough reviews of my application and college essays as well as your opinions. I cannot thank you enough Mrs. Benson!

Danny Sullivan

The following junior students from our program scored in the 99% or top 1% of students in the country on the 2016 PSAT:
Luke Agront GBHS
Jacob Aylstock
Kareem Bataineh PHS(IB)
Chris Bougher PHS(IB)
Brian Branstatter Catholic HS
Sophia Herrmann Catholic HS
George Hester PHS(IB)
Drew Jimenez PHS(IB)
Parker Kotlarz Catholic HS
Jillian Kurtts Catholic HS
Riley Laggan PHS(IB)
Milly Ladner GBHS
Ally Phillips
Luke Stringfellow Catholic HS
Brett Winter PHS(IB)

We commend these students on their achievement! We are so proud of you!

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 National Merit Semifinalists!

Shelby Dunne GBHS
Nada Eldeway PHSIB
Maddie Hawkins PHSIB
Madison Michles PHSIB
Anton Norris WHS
Matthew Reynolds CHS
Cody Wolfe PHSIB

I am so pleased with the results my daughter is having from classes and tutoring with Ms. Benson and others at AC for Testing. She attended the 2 week ACT prep in August and her score went up 6 points! Classes are reasonably priced and well worth the money. She continues to attend ACT classes and will take the test again this month. Students don't just study test content but also learn time management during the test which is invaluable. I cannot put a price on the confidence she is gained since attending. Thank you Ms. Benson and Ms. McCloud.

GiGi Peterson

I worked with Mrs. Benson and her team for several years. Mrs. Benson truly cares about all of her students, and she is always willing to go the extra mile when tutoring. Thanks to the Academic Center for Testing, I was able to achieve the ACT score I desired in only two attempts. Consequently, I was accepted into nearly every school I applied to with scholarships. Highly recommended!

Drew Anderson

The college workshop with Mrs. Bookout and Mrs. Benson was very helpful. I was worried about what I was going to write my essay on and I wasn’t even sure how I was supposed to write a college essay. This all changed at the college workshop, Mrs. Bookout and Mrs. Benson were incredibly helpful and they actually took the time to sit down with every student to help them craft the perfect essay and resume. I came out of the workshop with an essay and resume that I am very happy with. I am very thankful that they offered this class and I have told many of my friends about it. I highly recommend it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Kyler Strange

I began working with Mrs. Benson in PSAT practice workshops my sophomore year of high school. She knows the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests backwards and forwards, and my scores improved drastically after only the first few classes. Mrs. Benson truly knows how to get students into college successfully and how to help students reach their individual goals. I was accepted into my top college choice and was also awarded money in scholarships, which would not have been possible without Mrs. Benson. She not only helped me in the college preparation process, but also took genuine interest in my future plans and helped me to seek the best schools, scholarships, and opportunities that fit my goals. Academic Center for Testing workshops and prep classes were incredibly helpful during the college admissions process. I highly recommend Mrs. Benson. She is truly wonderful!
Alexa McKnight

Dear Mrs. Benson,
I wanted to share with you that one of your former ACT tutoring students, Andrew Harris was offered the Presidential Scholarship from Birmingham Southern College. The tutoring instruction and the college admissions class we took last spring were invaluable to us. We would never have gotten the scholarship without the knowledge we gained in your class about a resume and how to write a standout essay. Thank you for everything. I recommend you to all my friends. I hope you have a blessed holiday season.

Donna Harris

Mrs. Benson,
I just received your email and wanted to let you know that I graduated from Washington–5th in my class!!! I am going to Auburn University and couldn’t have done it or gotten the scholarships without your help! I will be majoring in biomedical science and hopefully go on to medical school. I move in in 2 weeks and couldn’t be more excited. In your classes, I have learned skills that I will rely on throughout my entire academic career. I hope all is well with you!! Thank you again for all that you all have done.

Regan Kelley